What’s the difference between UAV and drones?

What has been hot trend for several years Quadcopter ( also known as the “four -rotor ” ) and “unmanned aerial vehicles ” are very similar, manufacturers and merchants will often confuse the two, then in the end what is the difference between them?

Drones Still Being Toys Hot Trend

OdysseyToys remote control toys company president SalIrigoyen said, that the current common practice is that manufacturers will have all four propellers, and can fly in the sky remote control toys called ” drones “, but in fact this is a misunderstanding. He said: “We should have ‘UAV’ and Quadcopter distinguished by whether shooting or carrying the camera for real-time video transmission axis ( or more than four-axis ) of the aircraft, is the differ standard. “

Assistant director of Sales&Marketing American drone manufacturers SkyrocketToys, John Ardell said, “This is mainly because the ‘UAV’ the word appear to be more high-end, so that consumers believe these products have a higher technological content and better product quality. “