Friends who have seen the movie “Transformers” must be impressed by brave invincible, righteousness and very handsome car transformers bumblebee, even Chinese and foreign toys and gifts network editor also crazy for his heroic dumping (movie actor are no cooler than Optimus Prime! ). After a search, finally found the legendary toy car bumblebee Edition – remote control robot deformation.

RC Transformers

Toys in the movie “Transformers” came just launched, the market that have had some variations of toy cars. But mostly manual image simulation, but not the plot of the film quickly became the car’s remote control robot from transformer.

The latest development of remote control robot deformation, brave blend of simulation and image of the car’s sophisticated robots. Press the remote control, you can freely and flexibly to both changes in the deformation process folder along with the sound of fire and light, very realistic! In the fast running car mode, controlled by transmitter, the transformers toys bumblebee will become an instant brave invincible robot and can also be transformed to shine sports car soon robots.Police Car – RC Transformers

Wow! While running fight while being deformed, imagine it should be super fun. Anyone or distributor or importer who are into transformers, remember to hold one home!

Lykan RC Transformation Car

Police Car – RC Transformers  0.78 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • It is unbelievable that police car can even transform whatever transmitter conduct! With latest toy products in 2016, police car in Need for Speed game is updating its power as transformers, pursuing for the Most Wanted Car.

Veneno Need for Speed

Autobot – RC Transformers  0.96 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • New Time RC transformer car series can play amazingly deformation, just by simple clicking on buttons of transmitter, shifting freely from car and robot modes in between, along with music playing and lighting, which is priority choice for toys market.