TT665-1Transformers toys was knew as a household famous name, from the 1984 US. US toy company Hasbro’s initial products include 18 cars and 10 Decepticons. Then a number of newspaper reports in Fairfax County, Virginia, because the hundreds of consumers buying Transformers toys. When surrounded by a sprained foot, a woman’s ankle twisted so that she can not even move a step further in the crowd. Since then in later 30 years, the achievements of the unbeatable myth Transformers cartoon history.

the story of transformer toys

the story of transformer toys4

These super mechanical life forms from the planet Cybertron is divided into two factions: one car just people, also known as the Autobots; led by the villain Decepticons Megatron, also known as the Decepticons.

the story of transformer toys2

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