In Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, plus each family only one child, so the child’s consumption is relatively generous. Thus, the potential market of toys consumption is enormous by children. Children in the consumer market, toys consist of large of proportion of general consumption.

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According to New Time RC Toys learned, that children in Asia continued to increase consumption in the proportion of household consumption, especially in our nation China, urban children in total household expenditure in the higher proportion of children toys, which is $100 very year, they even haven’t create value, however children are being quietly pull the consumption patterns throughout society.

Not only that, being one of major toys trend, robot toys has not been only for kids, as there is an urgent need for entertainment, many young people have become the main proportion to buy toys, adult toys of consumer groups are also expanding rapidly. Reporters interviewed 20 young men, the survey showed that 85 % said they will buy toys. Thus, in the eyes of ordinary people small toy market, but also there are boundless opportunities.

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