Project Description


Veneno Need for Speed

With latest toy products 2016, police car - Veneno in Need for Speed game is updating its power as transformers, pursuing for the Most Wanted car.

veneno need for speed 1

veneno need for speed 2

veneno need for speed

veneno need for speed 3

veneno need for speed 4

veneno need for speed 5

  • One key transform mode: Car→Robot or Robot→Car.
  • The car can be driven in both robot and car positions.
  • Car Mode: Excellent appearance of stunt car gives a great impact to players.
  • Robot Mode: Delicately-made plastic surface makes every piece of parts look perfect.
1:14 transforming cars can play amazingly deformation, just by simple clicking on buttons of transmitter, shifting freely from car and robot modes in between, along with music playing and lighting, which is priority choice for children.
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