As what we’re familiar with, general plush toys cannot move. Though some plush toy in the market are cool enough, let’s imaging what if all those plush animal toys can also move & dancing vividly with music, like cartoon characters in the film?

Here what we got for toys business around the world are all ever most funniest electric plush animals in China for children. There are vivid moving dogs, naughty monkeys, dancing Teddy bears, music dance sheep as well as some other fun and clever animal toys, which surly are one of children’ favorite toys. Why not considering a trial for your toys market?

Cute naughty monkey with music 【NT – 293】

Naughty mode change by eating ice cream【NT – 284】

Dance with music & walking within an area【NT – 270】

Hula-hoop playing & dancing with music 【NT – 201A】

Hula-hoop playing & dancing with music【NT – 204A】

Dance with music 【NT – 218】

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