“What we have these days is the best-selling remote control cars and remote control aircraft.” Eurasian stores sales people children’s area, told reporters yesterday ushered in a small peak of toys, especially smart toys are popular, and parents in order to surprise children, usually relatively large selection of smart toys, of course, the price of these toys are not cheap, ranging from a few hundred dollars to one thousand .

Whether naughty children or adults are worthy of having the Transformers toys and the new. Remember fearless (Superion) and Flying Avengers (Menasor) it? “Flight CPIC / fearless ” and ” assault party / Flying Avengers” will be available for sale over the same period. These two teams are the Decepticons and cars artificially make up both empty and Marine forces set up. Car people camp by the CPIC flying five aircraft, namely silver bolt, day latent fire crossbows, slingshots and air strikes. Expected to be similar toys will be hot trend, the supply of such sellers and business owner can prepare in advance.

Lykan RC Transformation Car

Police Car – RC Transformers  0.78 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • It is unbelievable that police car can even transform whatever transmitter conduct! With latest toy products in 2016, police car in Need for Speed game is updating its power as transformers, pursuing for the Most Wanted Car.

Veneno Need for Speed

Autobot – RC Transformers  0.96 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • New Time RC transformer car series can play amazingly deformation, just by simple clicking on buttons of transmitter, shifting freely from car and robot modes in between, along with music playing and lighting, which is priority choice for toys market.