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RC Toys Information Collection

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transformer autobot new time rc toys

Album & Spec – Autobot  1.37 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • All dimension transformer robotic cars, with a variety of car brands, nice pick for toys market whether it is wholesale or retail selling! Don’t miss some valuable information for your market niche…

mini drone cx 10

Mini Drone CX-10  0.38 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • World’s smallest drone hits the aircraft market now! Missing it would be rather regretful. Whether it’s indoor flying or outdoors, their swift flying move are customers’ best choice! Your distributor & wholesaler await toys new trend to boost market badly.

RC Dance Robot - NT 333

RC Dance Robot – NT333  0.49 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • Robot toys has never ever been outdated ! So come get some to get some affordable RC robots to your inventory. Back up your stock goods, boosting your wholesale market.

Lykan RC Transformation Car

Police Car – RC Transformers  0.78 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • It is unbelievable that police car can even transform whatever transmitter conduct! With latest toy products in 2016, police car in Need for Speed game is updating its power as transformers, pursuing for the Most Wanted Car.

5 Channel 1:8 RC Model

RC Model Cars  0.29 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • Originally function designed, 1:12 RC model car with its cool appearance. Every kids deserve to have them! With possible cheap price for each kid, what children are into, is simply what your market needs!

Veneno Need for Speed

Autobot – RC Transformers  0.96 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • New Time RC transformer car series can play amazingly deformation, just by simple clicking on buttons of transmitter, shifting freely from car and robot modes in between, along with music playing and lighting, which is priority choice for toys market.

new time rc toys

Company Profile – New Time RC Toys  2.5 MB   VIEW NOW 

  • We are leading exporter of RC toys concerning innovative items, with premium quality goods and best possible prices. Featured products are RC transformers, robot toys etc.


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