Intelligent Autobot 2016

This autobot can perform pretty much, before transform they can be used as an ordinary remote control car use, since dual-function, so this plant strengthens the car’s motor, dual magnetic motor, but also double the battery power more durable, open it is also great, very fast. Automotive power after opening the roof lights will flash, remote control car can move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, along with music playing.

 Well, we know we should have already played the kind of car can be deformed toys, hand held speeding on the ground, and then accompanied by the voice of his mouth, and then driving on rapid neat and quick to make it become robots.


What’s awesome is, that this is quite fun, and now Chinese robot toys manufacturer have already intended to further such fun, they intend to have the entire process into a remote, automated – what does that mean, that you will be able to use the remote control to remote control the car, and then, playing playing, then the instruction will become robots, and then it can be car mode of transformers. It will automatically perform this conversion, without requiring you to manually participation, then, more fancy that after become robots, you can still remote it when remote control robot playing!

New Time RC Toys 发布于 2016年3月12日


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1-18 Land Rover Transformer Robot