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Die Cast Toys Update

Die Cast Joy Our dear toys distributor and trader, we are pleased to announce that lately we’re going to launch out our brand new die cast toys, extending product line across our range. Supported by domestic trustworthy die cast toys manufacturer, thousands of die-cast scale models, including construction equipment, race cars, trucks, heavy lift [...]

Bumblebee Transformers

Bumblebee - Transformer Toys Wholesale Market Children with different characters like different toys, for boys remote control car are specially prior choices. You will see today author recommends this fun toy transformer cars----RC stunt car, this type transformer car with cool design have new, creative, electric remote control stunt car variability. Robotic Toys Buggati [...]

RC All Terrain Car

Remote control cars, stunt RC cars, remote control tanks, remote control toys etc, who all are classified of remote control toys category, which is one of the favorite toys of children, especially boys favorite, but the market there will be major categories and more stereotyped, identical toys, being difficult to attract children 's attention. [...]

Robot Toys With Far Beyond Market Potential

In Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, plus each family only one child, so the child's consumption is relatively generous. Thus, the potential market of toys consumption is enormous by children. Children in the consumer market, toys consist of large of proportion of general [...]

Drones Still Being Toys Hot Trend ( 2 )

Dealers responded positively If in 2015 the rise of the drones business is still hot on the sidelines, then in 2016, they will have more of this product knowledge, purchasing in a more positive attitude. Currently, four aircraft sales channels has not only limited to traditional professional model aircraft and regular toy stores, [...]

Drones Still Being Toys Hot Trend ( 1 )

What’s the difference between UAV and drones? What has been hot trend for several years Quadcopter ( also known as the "four -rotor " ) and "unmanned aerial vehicles " are very similar, manufacturers and merchants will often confuse the two, then in the end what is the difference between them? OdysseyToys remote control toys [...]

Educational Smart Toys – Transformers

"What we have these days is the best-selling remote control cars and remote control aircraft." Eurasian stores sales people children's area, told reporters yesterday ushered in a small peak of toys, especially smart toys are popular, and parents in order to surprise children, usually relatively large selection of smart toys, of course, the price [...]

Transformer Toys – RC Transformer

Friends who have seen the movie "Transformers" must be impressed by brave invincible, righteousness and very handsome car transformers bumblebee, even Chinese and foreign toys and gifts network editor also crazy for his heroic dumping (movie actor are no cooler than Optimus Prime! ). After a search, finally found the legendary toy car bumblebee [...]

Monthly Review

Back to year 2015, we have realized some achievement by supporting our clients, who are supermarket toys suppliers, also some other toy stores suppliers in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and other African countries like Namibia. Much thank goes to them, for their greatly support always, and the cooperation would go further firmly. Hard [...]

What’s The New Toy Today

We’re specializing in a variety of innovative products, which are RC transformers, robots toys, mini-helicopters and radio control cars etc. We have most valuable strategics for markets with our products and offering. We are glad to introduce the inspiring goods with creativity from China to our abroad markets, and served our customers while catering their multiple needs. We not only focus on our products, but the customer service creates a great amount of trust among clients over […]