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Since the day we set up, New Time RC has been committing to supply top quality, forefront designed RC toys, from quads, helicopters, stunt car, climbing car, induction toys and other fancy products for wide range ages of children.


Chinese Reliable Goods With Flexible Brands Choosing Give You The Best Benefit Without Losing Quality.

  • Based on the knowledge to the global RC toy market for years, New Time RC always aims to provide our customers a strategical price that won’t let their business go bankrupt, for those clients who vary from importers, traders, brand dealer, distributors and independent wholesalers worldwide.

  • Estimated by our yearly sales analysis, more and more RC hobbyists decide to choose New Time RC. Basically, New Time products are gradually accepted by global brand dealer and distributors of different countries.

  • For us, ever and in the future, what’s in the top list of products after quality is the care in our customer service and devoted love we have for all our RC things. Public praise of our product comes little by little from the service we stand behind our toys.


Strategical Connection With Global Market

As we are always thinking marketing in the perspective of global supply chain in terms of our RC products. We would help our client analyse what their end customer actually need behind their order request. Currently we have our products covered on American Sear online store, ebay, Tmart and other wholesale dealers.

New Time RC Toys
New Time RC Toys

Being Safe And Eco-friendly Always Should Be Put In The First Place.

“No Hazards & Eco-friendly” has always been the principal we are pursuing. If you’re looking for ways to make your child’s toys more eco-friendly, then choose New Time RC. We believe that toys should be safe for kids to play with and also kind to our planet!

More than just toys

Many of RC toys from our previous catalogues continue to prove popular. New Time RC products are available from many helicopters, drones, stunt cars and baby RC toys etc. We regret it is not possible to send our catalogue or goods to individuals overseas. We always keep the faith that we stand behind toy’s quality and reliability as the best in the market. Since we are just as passionate about RC hobbies as our customers are.

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JXD Black Drones

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